Tony Grey – Moving


This, the 1st recording of a bassist Tony Grey demonstrates the fantastic progress he has made since I heard him play for the first time just a few years ago. Listen to the opening of the 2nd piece ‘Dil Chahata Hai on unaccompanied Bass: this, and his fluidity on his instrument throughout the recording is really something.



From the start we see a musician at the beginning of a blossoming career, and the fact that all the compositions are his, is also indicative of a very creative and lively imagination.

His compositions create dimensions of many different colors. From sweeping ‘orchestrations’ that reveal a fine grasp of harmony and texture, to latter day Bass ‘n Drums, and ‘World’ music, particularly of an Asian flavor.

His choice of musicians is also admirable: a veritable selection of todays ‘Young Lions’. Track 7 is a trail blazing collage moving from great funk to rich orchestral tapestries and some really enjoyable ‘craziness’, some of which is developed even further in ‘Any Which Way’.

The final cut, ‘Lullaby for Life’ is a kind of free flowing improvisation of chords and melodies that ends the album in a lyrical, poetic mood.

As a musician myself, I know the real value of dedication, for without it we will never make it happen. Tony’s love for, and dedication to music shines out of this recording, and it is without doubt, the beginning of something wonderful.

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