Alex Machacek

Alex Machacek’s Fabulous Austrian Trio: Living the Dream

Alex Machacek’s Fabulous Austrian Trio: Living the Dream

Living the Dream is the second chapter of FAT – next-generation guitar modernist Alex Machacek’s Fabulous Austrian Trio, featuring bassist Raphael Preuschl and drummer Herbert Pirker. With the sensitive touch of a jazz guitarist, the intervallic ingenuity and harmonic density of a post-serialist composer, and a seemingly endless capacity for improvisational empathy, Machecek has been turning heads... »

Alex Machacek

Alex Machacek Tales: The 24 Tales Interview

Alex Machacek is one of the few guitarists on the jazz fusion scene who is as revered for his writing as he is for his playing. Through his solo albums and collaborative recordings, the Austrian-native – who currently lives in Southern California and teaches at GIT – has always displayed a knack for writing harmonically rich pieces that put (at least) as much emphasis on the compositio... »

Alex Machacek

Alex Machacek’s FAT

In anticipation for the release of Alex Machacek’s new studio album FAT (Fabulous Austrian Trio), Alex took some time to answer a few questions about his album, music, and his playing. Neal Shaw: Your new record FAT features Raphael Preuschl and Herbert Pirker, who were both on [Sic]. How did you meet up with them again to record the latest record? Alex Machacek: I teach at a jazz seminar every su... »

Abstract Logix Live!

Abstract Logix Live! – The New Universe Music Festival 2010 (2 CD)

On November 20th and 21st 2010, cutting edge jazz and fusion recording label Abstract Logix held their first New Universe Music Festival at the Lincoln Theatre in Raleigh North Carolina. This incredible event brought together an array of the label’s top artists to not only perform for a live audience, but to celebrate the music and the label’s vision with them as well. The dream-team lineup consis... »

Alex Machacek featuring Marco Minnemann - 24 Tales

Alex Machacek featuring Marco Minnemann – 24 Tales

Guitarist Alex Machacek is one of the most innovative composers in jazz and fusion. Though he does write a lot of music from scratch as most composers do, his most striking compositional device is to write around a pre-existing piece of music such as a drum solo (e.g., Djon Don and the title track from [sic]), or an improvised studio jam (e.g., practically the entire Improvision album with Matt Ga... »

UKZ - Radiation

UKZ – Radiation

Eddie Jobson is a legendary figure in the world of progressive rock. Proficient on both the keyboards and violin, Jobson played with several prog/art rock bands in the 60s and 70s including Frank Zappa’s band, Curved Air, Roxy Music, Jethro Tull, and others. However, Jobson may best be known for his work with UK; one of prog-rock’s true supergroups. With an original lineup of Bill Bruf... »

Alex Machacek

Alex Machacek Conversations

It has been about five years that I have been listening to Alex Machacek, one of my my very favorite guitar players. Originally from Austria, he now lives in Los Angeles with his beautiful singer and songwriter wife Sumitra. Alex has been teaching at Guitar Institute of Technology (GIT) and performing locally as well as globetrotting around the world with Jeff Sipe, Matthew Garrison, Virgil Donati... »

Alex Machacek, Jeff Sipe, Matthew Garrison - Improvision

Alex Machacek, Jeff Sipe, Matthew Garrison – Improvision

Improvision (Abstract Logix Records) is a collaboration between three of the heaviest musicians on the jazz and fusion scene today; guitarist Alex Machacek, drummer Jeff Sipe, and bassist Matthew Garrison. Simply put, this is one of those rare albums that gets everything right. The playing from all involved is cutting-edge, and the compositions themselves are very deep, yet approachable. A lot of ... »

[sic] ~ Alex MacHacek

[sic] ~ Alex MacHacek 2006

[sic] ~ Alex MacHacek 2006 When reviewing a CD, I like to assess each song independently, then collectively — considering the whole impact technically, musically, and conceptually. MacHacek has crafted a precise, polished, and nigh unto obsessively perfected collection of pieces in [sic]. Is the release sterile — like some math-rock outing? No. Is it boring, fusion unison line patterns... »



What an incredible project this is. Alex Machacek, Gerald Preinfalk and the one and only Terry Bozzio show their obvious brilliance on this magical piece of work. This is no ordinary fusion record. Featured are unique compositions presented in an unusual way that have a touch of the haunted. »

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