Blueberry Cave

Garaj Mahal - Blueberry Cave

and the winner is Garaj Mahal “Blueberry Cave”

and the winner is: Garaj Mahal “Blueberry Cave��? Blueberry Cave Songs: The Shadow (Eckhardt) Alvin* (Hertz) Blueberry Cave (Levy) ‘Spect Rap (Eckhardt) NO ‘Spect** (Haque/Hertz) Massive (Hertz) Cosmic Elevator*** (Eckhardt) Paladin (Levy) Bicycling in Bombay* (Garaj Mahal) Celtic Indian (Hertz) Personnel: Kai Eckhardt: Bass Fareed Haque: Guitars Eric Levy: Keyboards Alan Hertz: Drums Guests: *DJ ... »

Garaj Mahal - Blueberry Cave

Garaj Mahal – Blueberry Cave

Personnel: Kai Eckhardt – Bass, vocals Fareed Haque – Guitars, sitar guitar Alan Hertz – Drums Eric Levy – KeyboardsWith guests: DJ Fly Agaric; Tasha Levine; Shanan EdelheitTracks: 1. The Shadow 2. Alvin 3. Blueberry Cave 4. ’Spect Rap 5. NO ’Spect 6. Massive 7. Cosmic Elevator 8. Paladin 9. Bicycling in Bombay 10. Celtic Indian As much as we love music, there are times whe... »

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