Colin D’Cruz

Colin D'Cruz

An Indian jazz musician

Colin D’Cruz – Jazz Bass player from India JG: What inspired you to become a jazz artiste? When did you decide that this will be your career? CD: Like most musicians, I got into music initially with school/college bands. We used to play pop/rock covers and even at that time I remember always wanting to play those tunes my own way. I was improvising even before I knew what jazz was all ... »

Colin D'Cruz

indo-jazz fusion

Lotus Cafe regulars consider the Brown Indian Band part of the furniture even though, they haven’t been playing here that long. Maybe it’s because the guys are propped up on couches at the JW Marriott hotel’s lobby. And no, they don’t play lounge music, their sound is a unique fusion of jazz and Indian classical styles. We always wanted to create and showcase our own music,... »

Colin D'Cruz

Jazz from Goa, India

HP: Tell us something about yourself. CD: I’m a Mumbai goan looking forward to being a Goa goan very soon. I’ve reached two important milestones in my career. One is, after decades of playing everyone elses music i’ve development a style of my own and the biggest compliment I get these days is when someone recognizes my bassplaying on some tune they heard somewhere, they call up ... »

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