David ‘Fuze’ Fiuczynski



Kif has definitely one of the most unique sounds in modern day world music. Composed by the man , every one calls FUZE, the record sounds like an urban rendition of Indian(Hindi) music combined with North African and Arabian mystique sounds. Add an edge of modern day progressive rock elements and you have this album. Kif brings you a novel sound in East-West Fusion.   »

David Fiuczynski

The Fuze Speaks

Guitarist David ‘Fuze’ Fiuczynski music lands with a Lunar Crush. Never mind that that album is still being talked about years later. Fiuczynski is still shredding. His latest release, Kif, is yet another groundbreaking effort. This time out Dave merges his unique jazz-rock-punk output with the sounds of North Africa. David took some time from his busy schedule at Berklee College of Mu... »

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