Dojo: Road Trip

Dojo: Road Trip

Time in a beautiful place can be the impetus for great art. One without the other, leaves a lot to be desired. Every once in a while, everything lines up and when that happens, that precious moment must be celebrated. However, the beholder must walk a fine line, they have a responsibility. They must capture the moment, and turn it into a timeless expression, that engages a multitude of emotions. D... »

Dojo - Studiojo

Dojo – Studiojo

Dojo is a Kansas-based fusion trio featuring guitarist Brian Baggett, bassist Chris Handley, and drummer Luke Stone. Much of their music has the shimmery chord-plus-Holdsworthian shred approach that many other local fusion bands tend to have. I’ve heard several of these types of bands over the years, but as much as I love that style of music, it’s often hard to tell one of these bands ... »



I’m a firm believer that we’re products of our environment. I find it fascinating how our surroundings can dictate so much in regards to our creative voice. The now is precious, who are we to run? The decision not to embrace the right now with honesty can be a debilitating conclusion for not only the artist(s) but for the beholder as well. I don’t know about you, but I want a win-win situation. If... »


Find the Way

From the opening song entitled The Vine, Brian Baggett and DOJO immediately captivated me. With the use of an acoustic guitar and some Methenyesque coloring for the background, the melody created a perfectly painted picture of midwestern charm. The Vine is an excellent example of an easy-flowing groove that keeps you on your toes, with soulful soloing and comping. The second song entitled Bad Song... »

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