Ed DeGenaro

Ed DeGenaro - Less Is Seldom More

Ed DeGenaro – Less Is Seldom More

Guitarist Ed DeGenaro’s latest release, Less Is Seldom More (Unfretted Records), is a perfect follow-up to his 2007 disc Dog House. While the two albums share many of the same qualities (largely gapless playback, an eclectic mix of styles, etc), DeGenaro pushes the avant-garde fusion envelope a bit further with this new disc, and enlists an awe-inspiring lineup of musicians to help him do it... »

Ed DeGenaro - Dog House

Ed DeGenaro – Dog House

Dog House (Unfretted Records) is fretless-guitar whiz Ed DeGenaro’s latest release. Though he plays plenty of fretted guitar as well, DeGenaro is one of the finest and most popular players on the fretless scene today. He appeared front and center on 2005’s Village Of The Unfretted double-CD compilation (also on Unfretted Records), and performed at last year’s Fretless Guitar Fest... »

Ed DeGenaro

Interview with Village Of The Unfretted Ed DeGenaro

Edward DeGenaro is a fusion guitarist whose unique mix of bebop and metal sounds, along with a whole lot of the DeGenaro personality, collectively called the “Nude Guitars” sound, has been compared to the likes of Scott Henderson, Frank Gambale, and Steve Vai. Ed’s journey in music began in Germany, where he was born and raised. At an early age, he studied cello but quickly picked up the guitar as... »

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