Joshua Davis

Mark Papagno's "X"

Mark Papagno’s “X” In Review

With Joshua Davis and Marco Minnemann at his side, Baltimore based guitarist Mark Papagno releases his second trio album “X”. Thirty years in music has enabled Papagno to craft an album built upon several elements of jazz. Davis’ upright bass, mixed with Papagno’s legato runs, and Minnemann’s powerful intricate kit work combine familiar musical ingredients into a new, fresh sound. The combination ... »

Mark Papagno Trio

Mark Papagno Trio

The debut album from Baltimore’s Mark Papagno Trio is a fine fusion recording that has strong shades of Allan Holdsworth’s work, mixed with straight-ahead jazz sensibilities. Joining guitarist Papagno are Joshua Davis (Tim Miller) on double bass, and Todd Harrison (Jazz Ambassadors) on drums. All of Trio‘s tracks were written by Papagno, and are largely driven by his jazzy chorda... »

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