Luke Stone

Dojo: Road Trip

Dojo: Road Trip

Time in a beautiful place can be the impetus for great art. One without the other, leaves a lot to be desired. Every once in a while, everything lines up and when that happens, that precious moment must be celebrated. However, the beholder must walk a fine line, they have a responsibility. They must capture the moment, and turn it into a timeless expression, that engages a multitude of emotions. D... »

Luke Stone: Somethin's Gotta Give

Luke Stone: Somethin’s Gotta Give

Luke Stone’s 2009 release: Somethin’s Gotta Give is a genre-blending tour de force that is unrepentant in its adventurous delivery. Ranging from complex progressive instrumentals to moody, melodic concoctions, the nine songs on Somethin’s Gotta Give highlights Stone’s ability as a multi-instrumentalistic juggernaut committed to his vision. A vision that is desperately needed in the face of the sta... »

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