Marco Minnemann

Mark Papagno's "X"

Mark Papagno’s “X” In Review

With Joshua Davis and Marco Minnemann at his side, Baltimore based guitarist Mark Papagno releases his second trio album “X”. Thirty years in music has enabled Papagno to craft an album built upon several elements of jazz. Davis’ upright bass, mixed with Papagno’s legato runs, and Minnemann’s powerful intricate kit work combine familiar musical ingredients into a new, fresh sound. The combination ... »

Alex Machacek featuring Marco Minnemann - 24 Tales

Alex Machacek featuring Marco Minnemann – 24 Tales

Guitarist Alex Machacek is one of the most innovative composers in jazz and fusion. Though he does write a lot of music from scratch as most composers do, his most striking compositional device is to write around a pre-existing piece of music such as a drum solo (e.g., Djon Don and the title track from [sic]), or an improvised studio jam (e.g., practically the entire Improvision album with Matt Ga... »

UKZ - Radiation

UKZ – Radiation

Eddie Jobson is a legendary figure in the world of progressive rock. Proficient on both the keyboards and violin, Jobson played with several prog/art rock bands in the 60s and 70s including Frank Zappa’s band, Curved Air, Roxy Music, Jethro Tull, and others. However, Jobson may best be known for his work with UK; one of prog-rock’s true supergroups. With an original lineup of Bill Bruf... »

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