Michael Landau

Michael Landau

Michael Landau Organic Interview

What can you say much about the amazing Michael Landau, a guitar player that is probably one of the most recorded guys I know of. Although he has been one of the hottest session players in the musical planet, Michael is absolutely a giant as a solo artist. He has always achieved to make a very personal statement through his music, and his new album Organic Instrumentals is no different. It stands ... »

The Ringers

An Evening with The Ringers

An Evening with The Ringers Which musicians would make up your dream band? A common icebreaker question next to desert island movies, but for a large group of fans outside the Neighborhood Theater in Charlotte, NC on the night of February 20th, this question had an easy answer; The Ringers. This super-group is made up of Wayne Krantz, Michael Landau, and Jimmy Herring on guitar, as well as Etienne... »

Michael Landau

Michael Landau Interview

Michael Landau is easily one of the most widely respected guitarists in the world. An intense player with a fiery blues-meets-jazz style, his highly charged playing and mastery of killer guitar tones has made him a legend in the guitar community for years. As a first-call session musician and sideman, Landau has appeared on thousands of recordings, and shared the stage with Joni Mitchell, James Ta... »

Michael Landau, Robben Ford: Renegade Creation

Michael Landau, Robben Ford: Renegade Creation

Renegade Creation (Blues Bureau International – a division of Shrapnel Records) is a thinking man’s blues rock album featuring a dream-team of four top shelf musicians – Michael Landau (guitar), Robben Ford (guitar), Jimmy Haslip (bass) and Gary Novak (drums). Though this is the first time the four have recorded an album together, it’s not as though there’s no history... »

Michael Landau

Guitarist Michael Landau Interview

Michael Landau is one of the most important guitarists of this era. An ace studio sessionist, he has appeared in more records than we can count, in fact he has even lost track of it. James Taylor, Miles Davis, Joni Mitchell, Seal just to name a few. An ace sideman he is constantly touring, most recently with James Taylor along with musical director and ace bassist Jimmy Johnson. Based out of Los A... »

The Michael Landau Group

The Michael Landau Group Live (2 CD)

Guitarist Michael Landau has appeared on countless recordings. In addition to being a studio legend, he’s fronted several great bands over the years (such as Burning Water, and the Raging Honkies). He rarely releases solo albums however, so when he does it’s something to take note of. His latest album, The Michael Landau Group Live is a mixture of vocal and instrumental tunes, and prov... »

Scott Kinsey - Kinesthetics

Scott Kinsey – Kinesthetics

Scott Kinsey – Kinesthetics, Label: Abstract Logix Musicians: Kinesthetics features a stellar cast of Scott Kinsey on keyboards along with Scott Henderson (guitar), Michael Landau (guitar), Jinshi Ozaki (acoustic guitar), Steve Tavaglione (sax), Kirk Covington (drums), Cyril Atef (drums, perc, vox), Vinnie Colaiuta (drums), Gary Willis (bass), Abraham Laboriel Sr. (bass), Armand Sabal-Lecco (bass)... »

Michael Landau

Michael Landau

Mike Landau blows up the house with his heavy fusion record which has diverse tones that he intelligently uses through the different tracks on this record. The compositons reflects his enormous range and capabilities and reflects his experience in playing with all the great songwriters from the past. The songs are heavy and melodic. We love the way the record is engineered. Something about the LA ... »

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