Ray Ferretti

Richard Burton: Fat Samba

Richard Burton: Fat Samba

Like the late actor with whom he shares a name, Philadelphia-based keyboardist Richard Burton knows all about playing roles and parts within an ensemble cast. Fat Samba is only the second CD under Burton’s name during a lengthy career of sideman and session work, but it includes frequent collaborators like guitarist Ray Ferretti and keyboardist Ron Thomas. While directing a project may be in... »

Ray Ferretti - Leaf Juice

Ray Ferretti – Leaf Juice

Leaf Juice (Vectordisc) is Ray Ferretti’s follow up to his 2009 debut Nice View (Vectordisc). It’s a strong sophomore release for the Philadelphia-based fusion guitarist, as it showcases a natural progression in his writing, playing, and use of guitar tones. Ferretti largely goes it alone on the new disc – providing all of the guitar and bass, the drum programming, plus most of the keyboards... »

Ray Ferretti - Nice View

Ray Ferretti – Nice View

Nice View (Vectordisc) is the debut release from Philadelphia-based guitarist Ray Ferretti. It’s an ambitious collection of original fusion instrumentals that run the gamut from heavy, riff-based tunes to lighter jazzy fare. Ferretti provides all the guitar, bass, and drum loops on the album, and plays some keyboards as well. Joining Ferretti are co-producer Richard Burton on Keys, Ron Thoma... »

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