Rob Levit

Rob Levit

An Interview With Multi-Dimensional Musician Rob Levit and Ableton Software

www.roblevit.com DA: You are primarily known as an award-winning jazz guitarist and composer. What made you decide to foray into electronic music? RL: All of the music I grew up listening to is adventurous and used electronics – Mahavishnu, Pink Floyd, Tangerine Dream, Mark Isham, etc. As a jazzer with an experimental streak, the ability to create new and original sounds in the moment is very attr... »

Rob Levit - Uncertain Path

Rob Levit – Uncertain Path

Here, one of the standard jazz trio formats receives an innovative breath of refreshing air. Guitarist Rob Levit and his fellow creative confidants, drummer Frank Russo and upright bassist Amy Shook, explore 10 original compositions by Levit with a cover each by Sting, Bob Marley and Wayne Shorter. From the opening track, Singularity, one can immediately discern this ensemble isnt like most USA-ba... »

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