Robertino Pagliari

OHM - Circus of Sound

OHM – Circus of Sound

Circus of Sound (Tone Center) is the latest release from the SoCal-based instrumental power trio OHM. The core of the band has always been ex-Megadeth guitarist Chris Poland and bassist Robertino Pag Pagliari; two highly original players whose styles are instantly recognizable. Several drummers have played with OHM through the years, and three of them (that’s right, three of them) appear on ... »

Live at KPFK

Live at KPFK

Recorded live on from an FM broadcast (KPFK – 90.7 – F.M.), Poland’s record is an amalgamation of crunching melodies and sheer intensity. Joined by ace drummer Kofi Baker, (son of Ginger Baker), and thumping bass player Robertino Pagliari, Poland has created another great addition to the lineage of great power fusion trios. Rather than just being a shredder, this is real music pl... »

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