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Rod Sibley Interviews Ranjit Barot on CHINGARI’s new album BOMBAY MAKOSSA

CHINGARI RANJIT BAROT – ETIENNE MBAPPE – U. SHRINIVAS BOMBAY MAKOSSA By Rod Sibley The old saying goes, “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire”. But you can’t have a fire without a spark. In Hindi, the word for “spark” is “chingari”. Chingari is also the name of the new group comprised of drummer/composer Ranjit Barot; bassist/vocalist Etienne MBappe; and mandolin virtuoso Uppalapu Shrinivas. Their de... »

Jimmy Herring

Jimmy Herring’s Tackle Box

Jimmy Herring’s Tackle Box (Driftin’ on a Lifeboat – Pt.2) by Rod Sibley You didn’t really think I would talk to Jimmy for three hours and not talk about guitars, did you? – RS Rod: So what guitars did you use on Lifeboat? Jimmy: The main guitar was the one I play all the time. I don’t know what year it is – I’ve had it for 15 years. My friend Gene Baker, when he was working at the Fender Cu... »

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