Steve Hunt

‘Against The Clock'

Allan Holdsworth – ‘Against The Clock’

It was fall of 1975. I awoke early one Saturday morning and was about to head toward the bathroom. The radio was on; and although I was semi-conscious the tune that was playing grabbed my attention. And it was kickin’!! An electric piano was soloing, and the drummer sounded familiar; but I knew I hadn’t heard the tune before. Then the guitar player took a solo: and that cat started playin’ some un... »

Phase 2

Phase 2

The Mahavishnu Project is really hitting its stride. In Phase 2 the MP tackles nine more Mahavishnu Orchestra tunes, reinterprets four more it covered on its first release, Live Bootleg, and presents an exciting new original tune based upon the style of the original Mahavishnu Orchestra. The power and intricacy of this music requires very gifted and dedicated musicians who need to understand the l... »

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