Steve Smith

Raga Bop Trio

Steve Smith 11/10 pt. 2

AL:I remember checking out the interview you did some time ago with Bill Milkowski where you talked about drum machines. Do you have any general opinion about how the trend in having a musician actually play drums to emulate a machine has taken music, or where you feel it might be going? Steve Smith:For thousands of years music was created by musicians playing without the technology of computers o... »

Raga Bop Trio

Steve Smith Interview : Raga Bopping

For nearly three decades in music Steve Smith has proven himself as one of the finest technicians worldwide on the drum kit. Adept at nearly every style from fusion (Jean-Luc Ponty, Steps Ahead, Vital Information), pop (Journey, Mariah Carey), and straight jazz (Buddy’s Buddies, Jazz Legacy) through to his original iconoclastic work on the Tone Center label, Smith’s formidable technique has earned... »

Vital Information - "Vitalization"

Vital Information – “Vitalization”

Personnel : Steve Smith – drums Tom Coster – keyboards Baron Browne – bass Vinny Valentino – guitar Guests: Bill Evans – sax Pete Lockett – percussion & Konnakol Gilad – percussion Juan Carlos Melián – percussion Songs: Interwoven Rhytms – Synchronous Get Serious The Trouble With The Bottom Line Seven and a Half Interwoven Rhythms – D... »

Steve Smith

Steve Smith Interview

Steve Smith is one of the most respected drummers in the world today. His distinctive style has propelled the playing of Jean Luc Ponty, Larry Coryell, Journey and his fusion group, Vital Information. Steve is an endless student of rhythm. Recently he has been focusing on performing Indian music with Zakir Hussain in the new supergroup Summit that also features George Brooks, Kai Eckhardt and Fare... »

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