Tony Grey

Tony Grey

Tony Grey speaks about his Unknown Angels

Bass, the final frontier. Anyone who has taken a moment to study the low frequencies cannot help but notice a philosophical bent that many of its finest exponents take on. Cats like Victor Wooten, Kai Eckhardt, and Jonas Hellborg are just a few of the players at the vanguard of music introspection—low plains drifters, if you will. With the release of his third album Unknown Angels, Tony Grey conti... »


Tony Grey – Moving

This, the 1st recording of a bassist Tony Grey demonstrates the fantastic progress he has made since I heard him play for the first time just a few years ago. Listen to the opening of the 2nd piece ‘Dil Chahata Hai on unaccompanied Bass: this, and his fluidity on his instrument throughout the recording is really something. From the start we see a musician at the beginning of a blossoming car... »

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