Virgil Donati

Peter Fernandes' Q.E.D.

Peter Fernandes’ Q.E.D. on Review

Peter Fernandes is a jack-of-all-trades, showing incredible proficiency in several areas. His talents are proudly displayed with the release of his new album Q.E.D., an album Fernandes composed, tracked, mixed and played keyboards and synth. Q.E.D. features a plethora of guest musicians on a variety of instruments, including Gary Husband, Greg Howe, Virgil Donati, and Richard Hallebeek. To allow e... »

Brett Garsed - Dark Matter

Brett Garsed – Dark Matter

Dark Matter is Brett Garsed’s first solo release since 2002’s Big Sky, and it’s well worth the wait. The Australian guitarist is well known in the guitar community for his peerless hybrid-picking technique, though associating him solely with this facet of his playing short-changes him greatly. Garsed is a highly versatile player – a seasoned veteran with a well-honed touch who can hang in a ... »

The Moon is Falling

The Moon is Falling

It is always exciting to receive fresh new material from musicians, and that?s exactly what we got from guitar virtuoso Joel Hoekstra. This promising young musician came to us through our Bitches Brew buddies from down under with high recommendations. Joel’s latest features his unique guitar stylings playing his own compositions. Joel is backed by the extraordinary Virgil Donati and premier ... »

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