Trilok Gurtu Band Live

Trilok Gurtu Band Live with Jan Garbarek and Shankar Mahadevan


The performance by The Trilok Gurtu Band was in connection with the January “Celtic Connections” festival in Glasgow, featuring many varieties of Celtic and non-Celtic musical genres.

Trilok Gurtu Band Live

Trilok Gurtu Band Live

The Trilok Gurtu Band, consisting of its leader on various forms of percussion instruments, bass, guitar, keyboards, saxophones as well as violin played a set consisting of indo-jazz fusion from the beginning of the concert. This mixture could be categorized as “post Mahavisnu/post Shakti”, hinting at Trilok Gurtu´s stint with The John McLaughlin Trio from the 1980s, as well.
Trilok Gurtu peformed on his tuned percussion – much in the same vain which can be heard on John McLaughlin´s excellent “Que Alegria”, this time also featuring Bollywood Great Shankar Mahadevan on vocals. Trilok Gurtu and Shankar Mahadevan did some “call/response” segments utilizing konakol. Shankar Mahadevan also did his solo spots performing, among others, his own composition, which was well received.
They were joined, in the middle of the concert, by Jan Garbarek on saxophones. After Jan Garbarek entered he and Shankar Mahadevan did a duet for saxophone and vocals, the latter with a lot of echo. The music diverted from indo-jazz fusion into Norwegian folk song territory – with a jazz tinge. The tempo also slowed somewhat down.
The group was also joined by the Scottish band Lau, another fusion mix. For the later section of the concert the most intricate parts were probably performed when Trilok Gurtu and Shankar Mahadevan again did some konakol – this time with Mr. Garbarek answering their vocal phrases on saxophone. This combination of two vocals and one reed instrument was – most likely – one of the more complicated sections of the concert. The concert ended with the Trilok Gurtu Band´s rendition of some African music, as interpreted in a very cross-cultural manner. The concert was well attended and the arrangers should be proud of blending so many musical influences together.

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