Trilok Gurtu Quintet

Trilok Gurtu Quintet – live in Ermont, near Paris, November 18, 2010


This was my second encounter with the Trilok Gurtu quintet in 2010, the last being in Glasgow. The band represents a blend of musicians from countries including USA, Finland, Germany, Spain in addition to India. The concert which was in connection with a local jazz festival was very much as expected.

Trilok Gurtu Quintet

Trilok Gurtu Quintet


There were the complex meters, e.g. 9/4. There was the trade mark Trilok Gurtu percussion alternating between tablas, drums, bells, gongs utilizing imitated bird effects – as well as submerging percussion items in water. Mr. Gurtu featured his own vocals, even paraphrasing his name as Trilok Touslesjours (Trilok all the time). The other instruments comprised saxophone, keyboards, guitar, bass, flute and electric violin, using delay, similar to that of Jean Luc Ponty. Mr. Gurtu joked a lot speaking a mixture of French and English. The audience seemed to like this. All in all this was a good concert in the category jazzrock/fusion

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