Uros Spasojevic Project: Third View

Uros Spasojevic Project: Third View


This release, Uros’ third, is quite different than either of its predecessors. Meoldy seems to be the focus this time, and the emphasis on ‘hummable’ bits causes you to want to listen again and again. The sometimes dense and frenetic harmonic information that often plagues recordings of this genre are not found here.

Uros Spasojevic Project: Third View

Uros Spasojevic Project: Third View

A rocking, driving tune would have been nice, but having one included very well could have distracted from the overall vibe of a solid modern jazz effort. Uros is proving himself to be a skilled improviser and writer. It is clear that this music is reflective, searching, and honest.

The employ of guitarist Nir Felder is a nice touch. His tone and phrasing recall some of the greats, and he always seems to play just what’s needed here. The album is essentially bookended with his contributions, and that seems a wise choice given the positive nature of his contributions.

A nice surprise is the ‘solo’ bass track Song for E.M.. Neat effects evoking space and spirituality stand out from the balance of the album’s ensemble cuts.

Timeless is another high point, with Uros and Dusan Jankovic (on piano) providing a dramatic soundscape that is refreshing in its maturity and scope.

No less than Walter Kolosky, an authority on all things Mahavishnu (and a friend to Abstract Logix), has raved about Uros’ playing, especially his solo voice. He has called this music deep and moving, and we agree.

The most remarkable thing, though, may be the writing on this album. Uros has shown growth, restraint, and taste with the arrangements and selection of instrumentalists, not to mention his own playing. This record closely followed up his second effort, Story on Bass, which we also reviewed, and the relatively short time period between the two indicates a prolific talent that we look forward to more of.

Musicians: Bob Reynolds – tenor saxophone (2,3); Nir Felder – guitar (1,8,9); Nena Jelaca – vocal (7); Boris Novakovic – rhodes (1,8); Dusan Jankovic – piano (3,5,6); Vladimir Ruzicic Kebac – drums (1,3,5,6,8); Uros Spasojevic – bass (1-9)

For more information visit the Uros Spasojevic Project website. The CD or download is available at Amazon, CDBaby and iTunes.

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