Whoopgnash DVD


My review of Whoopgnash’s Whoopgnash – Live In The Studio (Unclear Channel) [DVD]

To my udder surprise I was listening to a group of musicians emulating the style of Allan Holdsworth’s music today. They are extremely good at it too! The group is called Whoopgnash!!! The guitar player John Erickson is an Incredible Guitarist, he doesn’t use chord theory to the extent of Allan uses but he does well in creating melodies with what he does use. His soloing is where this guitar monster let’s loose and is the high light of this DVD, he plays every bit as good as Holdsworth and if your a Holdsworth fan as I’ am you’ll dig the heck out of this DVD. The Bassist Jeff Jarrard is quietly steady and every bit as talented as any modern bassist today. The drummer Bill Paul is the solid foundation to this trio’s power fusion music which is very complex’d. Many will ponder and question weather these guys set out to sound allot like Allan Holdsworth and even if it’s a good Idea to do so but it’s still the quality of the music that brings back the listener time & time again. Although many non-musical friends of mine tend to say; this music sounds like everyone is doing their own thing and no one is playing together! People who love this type of fusion know damn well that most humans don’t have the musical mentality to know good music from Rap Crap anyway, but they know what they like and the rest of us like loaded with talent musical groups like Whoopgnash!!! Worth every cent you’ll pay for this DVD.



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