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Drummer John Molo has provided the driving and supportive rhythms for Phil Lesh and Pat Metheny. For years he has been Bruce Hornsby’s main stick man. His new musical journey starts with the release of the instrumental heavy Modereko CD. The band’s first album stands out as an adventurous expression of rock, jazz and soul. Abstract Logix recently spoke with John.

John Molo

John Molo

AL: You are taking a new direction with your music.

JM: You are absolutely correct. This has been a lot fun and also a lot more responsibility. I have been performing with so many different musicians all my life that I really felt that I needed to do some of the music that I love. I have known Tim Kobza and Bobby Reed for a long time and we just all really wanted to do this. They are such great jazz musicians with a broad perspective that our music has a sense of adventure in it. I have lived in Los Angeles for such a long time that you get to see many musical perspectives. I think in a way, I want to play music that is true and without any sense of fashion!!! It’s just honest and straight from the heart without being labeled in any way.

AL: Do Tim, Bobby and you just bring all your ideas to the table?

JM: Well, it’s quite democratic. I might start with a groove, and then Tim and Bobby would come together and develop it. We all stay so far away from each other that it gets difficult sometimes. But it has been great, getting together with the rest of the team. It has been a great experience and enjoyment.

AL: Do you see yourself as a different drummer from 10 years ago?

JM: I have definitely evolved over the years. Playing in different realms lets you look at some many different elements. I am more sure and confident today when I play with anyone.

AL: Do you have to change your style when you play with someone like Pat Metheny?

JM: Well funny that you asked me, I have always wanted to see Pat with a rock drummer. He is such a great jazz guitar player, performing with him was a treat. He has a very audible tone on stage and my groove fit in just right

AL: Moderko is going out on tour?

JM: I am very excited to go out with Modereko. We will be performing a few shows in Virginia and North Carolina, kind of getting ready for the summer. There will be some great guests joining us on the trip so it should be a lot of fun.

AL: John I wish you all the best in your endless pursuit and I hope you have a great tour and bring smiles to people everywhere…

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